Ads Optimization and User Behavior

This is a good lesson about Meta ads optimization and user behavior. One action doesn’t predictably lead to the next.

I created a campaign optimized for 1-minute page views using a custom event. This ad generated nearly 4,000 1-minute views. There’s also decent retention to 2-minute and 3-minute views.

It would be reasonable to assume that many of these people scrolled down the page. But only about 2% of those who viewed for a minute scrolled 35% of the way down.

This is not normal behavior. Typically, I get way more 35% scrolls than 1-minute views. Why?

There are two potential factors contributing here:

First, this is a longer post than normal. It will take more work and time to scroll 35%. I can’t ignore that. Still, a 2% Scroll vs. 1-minute view ratio is crazy low (unnaturally low).

Second, Meta is LITERAL about optimization. The only focus here was 1-minute visits. The algorithm doesn’t care if people scroll. There could be a specific type of user that makes 1-minute visits. They may just open the page and sit there without scrolling.

It’s a good reminder regarding optimization and user behavior. Don’t assume one action will lead to the next. Your ads audience will not behave the way your organic audience behaves.