Ad Text Variations: AI-Powered Ads Feature

Ad Text Variations is a great new AI-powered feature for Meta advertisers…

Meta announced a series of AI-powered ad tools recently. Ad Text Variations is one of them.

After you provide your ad’s primary text, Meta will generate a series of variation suggestions. The changes are often minor, but words and phrases get moved around and there can be small tone changes with punctuation.

You can add any of these suggestions to your primary text options. Meta will then show the version to each person that is most likely to lead to your desired action.

Even without AI-generated suggestions, using multiple text options is my preferred approach instead of creating multiple separate ads. The AI suggestions make coming up with these alternative options a bit easier.

There are also some AI-powered tools related to ad imagery that is rolling out. I’ll let you know when I can test it!

Have you tried this out? What do you think?