Account-Wide Audience Controls

Meta is rolling out an update to account-wide audience controls that are defined in your Ad Account Settings.

When creating an ad set, I see a message in the Audience Controls section for Advantage+ Audience:

Audience Controls

“The audience controls set in your ad account settings will apply to this ad set.”

That’s interesting since the controls set in Ad Account Settings previously only applied to Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns. But this appears to be changing.

Ad Account Settings

I’m seeing this message in the account-level controls in Ad Account Settings:

Audience Controls

“Audience controls apply to all campaigns for this ad account (except Advantage+ App Campaigns).”

That’s right. “ALL.”

If you’re not familiar with these options, Audience controls are location and minimum age restrictions. Once you define them in the ad account, they will apply to all of your ad sets.

If you can only advertise in specific locations, you can add or exclude locations account wide. You can also set a minimum age if your business advertises age-restricted goods or services.

Audience Controls

Ad Set Restrictions

If you do make adjustments here, you won’t be able to override these restrictions when creating your ad set. Any location outside of your restrictions or ages below your minimum will be grayed out.

An example when trying to select a location outside of the ad account Audience Controls…

Audience Controls

And age…

Audience Controls

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Advantage+ Audience or original audiences. You will not be able to get around Audience Controls defined in your Ad Account Settings.

Use With Caution

Most businesses shouldn’t need this feature, so please don’t limit your audience account-wide unnecessarily. It’s only for situations where you simply cannot serve people (sell or ship) in certain locations or under a certain age.

It’s inevitable that some advertisers will use this to profile their “ideal” customers, but it’s not advised.