Entering the Free Agent Market

Pardon the sports analogy, but if you know me you understand that baseball is regularly on my brain. A week and a half ago, Jon Loomer became a free agent. And since I’m sticking with a sports analogy, talking about myself in the third person (or “talking about himself in the third person”??) makes total sense.

Make no mistake about it, being unemployed in this environment is scary. It seems all companies are cutting corners, saving money and eliminating positions in an effort to stay above water. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a non-profit struggles during these times to raise money. As a result, my position was a casualty.

I could feel sorry for myself. I could mope and complain that I don’t have a job. But I won’t. I understand business. I get that tough decisions needed to be made. And I’m not ashamed to be one of the many who are out of work.


That's right. The Prince Fielder of digital marketing nerds is a free agent.

But I won’t be out of work for long. Instead of feeling like I’ve been wronged, I see myself as Prince Fielder on the open market (get used to the baseball and Milwaukee Brewers references). Being “available” is an exciting opportunity for me, and it’s also an opportunity for businesses to find someone with my skills.

Of course, I realize that due to the same environment I mentioned earlier, there are lots of people like me available. Because of this, I think it’s important not to rest on your typical résumé or even LinkedIn profile. To be successful in a time like this one, you must separate yourself.

As a person with a digital and social background, what better way to show my skills than to apply them in the development of a personal website? So here it is. Everything you need to know about me. More than just bullets, I provide extensive details of my work history with the American Cancer Society and National Basketball Association. I even provide some details about me personally so you get a better understanding of who you’re dealing with.

Best of all, I built this. I may not be a professional designer or programmer, but I have taught myself enough to make myself dangerous. When confronted with a lack of resources, I am always willing to do the dirty work myself. This site is an example of that.

So poke around. Learn more about me. Think I’m a fit for your company? Let’s talk!