Update: Facebook Page Likes Link Goes to Insights

I created my Facebook page only days ago, so I pay attention to the modest number of likes. When it goes up, I click the “Likes This” link under the number on the left hand side.

Sometimes it’s a friend, sometimes it’s someone I don’t know. Either way, I find knowing the Facebook page likes to be very interesting.

Well, starting yesterday, clicking this link now takes me to Insights. Specifically, it goes here…

At first, I thought this was a bug. It wasn’t until a day later that I discovered viewing who likes your page was merely moved (“see likes” to the right).

So, you can still see who likes your page. It’s a couple of clicks away. Now the real question is… why?

I didn’t get the memo when the change was made, but I can only guess that Facebook is redirecting a popular link to make people more aware of Insights and the value it brings. At least that’s a theory. What do you think?