How does the Facebook auction work?

Performance in the ad auction on Facebook-owned properties takes into account a variety of factors, including the Bid, Estimated Action Rate, and Relevance of the ad (building an acronym commonly referred to as BEAR). A more detailed explanation is available here, as well as a Blueprint training module here.

What is the Facebook Attribution tool?

The Attribution tool is used for more detailed attribution reporting, including combining data from multiple channels. More information on this tool is available on our site here. Facebook has more details on the tool here, as well as an initial setup guide here. Facebook also has an explanation of the different models available for attribution… Read more »

What is the Learning Phase on Facebook?

The Learning Phase describes a period when Facebook’s systems are gathering sufficient data for effective ad optimization across targeting, timing, creative, and placement options. One of the most common topics involving the learning phase relates to making edits that reset learning. An overview of the learning phase with best practices is available here, with a… Read more »

What is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics is an analysis and reporting interface where conversion tracking and Facebook pixel data can be managed and accessed. A dedicated help center for Facebook Analytics is available here. An overview page of the tool, as well as access to a Demo Analytics account, is available here. Articles on our site related to Facebook… Read more »