I have quite a bit of experience with Facebook ads, and I’m looking for ways to improve my performance. What resources are available to me?

We have a program available for more advanced advertisers, which grants access to a community of other advertisers, regular updates on changes to Facebook/Instagram advertising, as well as access to more in-depth webinars (depending on the program level). This program is called the Power Hitters Club. More information is available here.

I’m a beginner with Facebook ads. Where should I start?

Facebook Blueprint is is a free group of training modules covering a variety of topics related to Facebook ads. The modules can be accessed here. Jon has made available a free Facebook Advertising Fixes video series. In this free video series, there is a focus on the 20 critical factors preventing your Facebook ads from… Read more »

What is the Facebook Blueprint Certification?

The Blueprint Certification is a paid testing process that provides an official certification for different topics related to Facebook ads. There are different certification levels and focal areas available. More information on the program is available here.