The Experiment: What Happened Next?

After Tip #12, my experiment effectively ended. Well, at least I was done creating tips.

The truth is that the experiment lived on. I created another ad inviting those who made it through all 12 tips to a free webinar…

Facebook Ads Experiment Almost Done

The results — as I write this — have been insane.

That ad targeted the 750 or so people who had clicked the ad for Tip #12. The results so far:

  • Reach: 740
  • Website Clicks: 762
  • Webinar Registrations: 634
  • Total Spend: $13.64

That’s right. There were more clicks than people reached with the ad. That was undoubtedly due to people clicking it multiple times.

These two things underscore the bottom line here:

  • Cost Per Website Click: $.018
  • Cost Per Registration: $.022

That’s right. Approximately $.02 for either a website click or a registration. That’s TWO CENTS!

I typically get around $.15 per website click on a popular blog post. But driving to an opt-in page? Often closer to $.50. I know it can be even tougher for many industries.

When it comes to getting an email address, I expect to spend in the neighborhood of $1. You can expect to spend more in most industries.

But we’re talking two cents here. I can typically expect to spend $634 to fill that webinar. Instead, I spent less than $14.


That webinar was the first “free gift” offered in exchange for participating in my experiment. But those who made it through were also given a special deal for my private membership, the Power Hitters Club.

Those who made it through are “my people.” They are clearly passionate about Facebook ads. So they are precisely the kind of people I want in my group!

If you didn’t participate in this experiment, I will also be offering a special webinar and package for those curious about what I discovered and instructions on how you can do something similar. As someone who subscribed to this ebook, you’ll be hearing more soon!

Thanks for your interest in my experiment! Let’s continue thinking creatively in the never-ending quest to create ads that don’t suck!