Your Landing Page Hurts Results

If your ads aren’t working, the problem may be where you send people. Meta has rules about landing pages that could drive up costs or, if excessive, get your ads rejected.

Meta flags five attributes of low-quality post-click experiences (landing pages)…

1. Lack substantive or original content.

Meta doesn’t define this clearly, but send people to a landing page that provides value. It’s also assumed that this could include featuring copied content that isn’t yours.

2. Disproportionate volume of ads relative to content.

Some advertisers send traffic to their website to collect on ads. It’s not that you can’t send direct to a landing page with ads on it, but the volume of those ads relative to your content can’t be “disproportionate.”

Of course, we don’t know if there’s a specific percentage that indicates it’s disproportionate.

3. Pop-ups or interstitial ads.

You may have pop-ups on your website, and that in itself isn’t a violation. However, they can contribute to a low-quality user experience, which could drive up costs.

4. Unexpected content experiences.

The focus is on low-quality experiences. Are you making the user work to view your content? An example is requiring multiple clicks to keep reading.

5. Misleading experiences.

Meta’s focus here is on bad shopping experiences that would flag this. That could be related to undisclosed shipping costs, bad customer support, or something else relevant to making a purchase.

Low-Quality Advertising Policy

Some of these issues aren’t violations in moderation, but excessive ads and pop-ups would violate the Low-Quality or Disruptive Content advertising policy, which would get your ads rejected. In fact, it’s not clear at all where the line is drawn between simply impacting costs and resulting in rejection.

If you do any of these things with your landing pages now, you should address them. They could result in spending more than necessary. You may start getting ads rejected. Do this often and it can have long-term effects on ads from that page, ad account, or website.

Bottom line: Avoid creating bad user experiences on your landing pages.