Workaround to Access Ads Manager Updates

Last year, Meta removed the option to view Ads Manager updates from the help menu. Previously, you’d click the “?” icon at the bottom left…

Ads Manager Help Icon

And then a tray would emerge from the right with a link to Ads Manager Updates.

Ads Manager Updates

While it’s still not listed there, you can access the feed of updates. And even though we’re not getting as much volume of these updates as we did a year ago, it seems to be picking up now.

The Workaround

Here’s a simple workaround to access these updates. While in Ads Manager, go to the address bar. After “campaigns?” in the URL, remove everything else and paste the following:


Ads Manager Updates

Hit enter, and you should see the Ads Manager updates on the right.

Ads Manager Updates

I’m getting a couple of updates for April and a couple more for March.

Recent Updates

Here are the most recent two…

Show ads on Instagram profile reels

You can now advertise within the Reels feed of public Instagram profiles. Meta’s delivery system will place your ads in profiles where they’re likely to perform best.

Opt In to Notifications on Messenger

We are introducing the ability to opt into receiving notifications on Messenger about your ad or ad account.

These updates can be really helpful for keeping up with changes. Another way to keep up, of course, is to keep following my videos!