Why Isn’t My Ads Budget Spending?

Is Meta not spending all of your ads budget? There are four potential reasons why…

1. Your audience is too small. Broaden it or turn on one of the expansion tools (or go completely broad).

2. You’re using Campaign Budget Optimization and use an ad set spending limit. I wouldn’t recommend doing this at all, but take a look to see if that’s your issue.

3. You’re setting a Cost Per Result or Bid Control that is too aggressive. Sure, we all want a $1 per purchase. But once the algorithm realizes that won’t happen, you shouldn’t expect your budget to spend. Consider using the default or a more realistic cost control.

4. You optimize for an action that isn’t leading to results. You are stuck in Learning Limited and your ads aren’t working. This is the algorithm protecting you.

When you’re in the ad view, you should also check the Delivery column for errors and alerts that could provide more insight on why your budget isn’t spending.

More often than not, this problem happens when you attempt to limit or restrict the algorithm. Making adjustments in that area will often correct your problem.