Why Can’t Ad Reviews Be Instantaneous?

Why does it have to be this way?

These two ad sets are part of a leads campaign promoting my Bot Beta Test. The first ad set was approved a couple of days ago. It’s been running successfully with no issues.

The second ad set is a duplication of the first. The only change was to the location.

I didn’t touch the ad. I didn’t touch the optimization, placement, or anything else.

Why isn’t this review instantaneous?

We know that everything but the location was already approved with the first review. How could the location possibly impact whether or not it’s approved? What is actually getting reviewed the second time?

Sure, you could say there are specific laws and restrictions by location due to things like gambling and alcohol and whatnot. But if this ad had anything to do with a sensitive topic, that should have been cleared or flagged with the first review.

Spoiler: There is nothing about this ad that would be problematic based on the location.

But I’m stuck waiting in the queue, just because that’s how it’s always been.

You’d think that improving this inefficiency would put more money in Meta’s pockets. Ads start sooner, and more money is spent.

I understand why some reviews need to take a while. But some of these reviews should be immediate. There’s no reason to make anyone wait.

What do you think?