Which Ad Gets Credit for a Conversion?

There’s often confusion about how Meta handles conversion reporting when someone is served multiple ads prior to converting.

Do all ads get credit? Do some ads get credit? This is often the claim, that Meta inflates conversion numbers in this way.

But NO, that is not how it works.

Let’s assume you’re using a 1-day click and 1-day view Attribution Setting. Meta works on a last-touch attribution model. So, if a user is served three ads within a day of converting, the ad that received the most recent click gets credit. If there was no click, the ad with the most recent view gets credit.

You won’t see all three ads get credit even if all three were clicked on the same day.

If you’re curious, Meta reports the conversion based on the impression date, not the date of the conversion. This is one of the reasons that conversions will magically appear or backfill several days later.

Make sense? I hope so.