Where Did The Event Setup Tool Go?

I’ve been hearing from people asking if Meta’s Event Setup Tool has been removed, and now I see why.

If you have the updated Events Manager, the way that many people accessed the Event Setup Tool (myself included) has completely changed.

The Add Events dropdown menu now has different options. While you eventually get to the Event Setup Tool if you use the Add New Integration option, it’s several steps into the process and not ideal if you already have the pixel on your website.

Instead, go to the Settings tab in Events Manager. There, you’ll see an Event Setup section and a button for Open Event Setup Tool. Provide the URL for the page of your website where you want to add an event.

I have no idea if this access point existed before, but it’s definitely necessary now.

The Event Setup Tool has its flaws, and I prefer other options in most cases. But it is a quick, codeless option for adding standard events that may be the best method in certain situations.

Hope this helps!