What’s the Ideal Ad Frequency?

What’s the ideal ad frequency? What frequency is too high?

These questions don’t make sense…

Are we talking about a frequency per week? Two weeks? Month? It matters.

What placements are you using? Only news feed or all placements?

Are we talking about ad set frequency or ad frequency? You can see the same ad multiple times or get reached multiple times by different ads within the same ad set. They’re different kinds of frequency.

Your goals also matter. You might want to increase awareness and brand recall. High frequency would be required. You’d want to be that annoying ad that people keep seeing.

But if you’re asking about ideal frequency related to conversions, stop searching. No such thing exists. Don’t listen to people who tell you not to go over a certain frequency.

Are you still getting good results? Then who cares about your frequency?

Are you getting bad results? Maybe it’s related to frequency. Maybe it’s not!

Respond to your results. Stop obsessing over mythical thresholds that may or may not matter.