What You Own

Just because you built it doesn’t mean they’re comin’…

Don’t build your house on rented land, they say. It’s not that simple. Having something you own is less than half the battle.

You should have your own website. You should own an email list. You should own as much as you can. But you will rely heavily on platforms you don’t own.

Google sends you traffic organically until they don’t. Or maybe AI chat eats into referrals.

Twitter sends you traffic organically until link headlines are removed and the user base is cut in half.

Facebook sends you traffic until videos get prioritized.

Google and Facebook ads send you traffic until the costs double and you run ads less often.

You drive people to your website with your email list until privacy regulations and other changes impact open and click rates.

You absolutely should own as much as you can, but you’re at the mercy of things you don’t own more than ever before.

Each platform is a spoke in your marketing wheel. While you control none of them, you need to use several to keep driving people back to what you own.

What do you think?