What is Reservation Buying Type?

Check out the Reservation buying type

If you create a campaign in Ads Manager, you may see this (rolling out in October):

“Introducing reservation buying type. Reservation, formerly called reach and frequency, allows you to plan and buy your campaigns with a set cost and forecast your campaign’s lifetime results for reach and frequency.”

Reservation is the alternative to Auction and has two objective options: Awareness and Engagement. Traffic (formerly an option for Reach and Frequency) is no longer an option for Reservation.

The only performance goal options for Reservation are Reach, ad recall lift, and ThruPlay, and the minimum audience size is 200,000 people.

One benefit of Reservation is the ability to lock in fixed costs at a specific CPM. This is unlike Auction, where costs are variable and unpredictable.

Another benefit is frequency controls. A new option for Reservation is Target Frequency, which is the new default. You can also use a Frequency Cap, similar to Reach campaigns when using Auction.

Reservation isn’t for everyone, but it’s best for bigger brands and budgets when your goal is awareness and you want to lock in costs.

Will you use the Reservation buying type?