Videos Transformed My Website

Now, you’re here because you already know about how I’m using short-form videos with custom post types. But, allow me to provide some history on what has happened.

Sharing videos in this format was never my plan. When I first started recording short-form videos, they only lived on each social platform (the logical solution). Eventually, I’d create a custom post type for video posts and I publish each one on my website (like this).

This changed everything.

Let me back up a minute. When I started publishing short-form videos, I would occasionally embed these videos at the bottom of related blog posts. This happened often because I found that publishing a video every day helped generate ideas for blog posts. When blogging, I’d steal from these videos.

Then I created this custom post type that lived separately from my blog posts. These posts allowed me to embed the YouTube video at the top and write a short blog post below.

Custom Post Type

Publishing these as a separate post type actually resulted in a bit of a challenge. Writing blog posts about the same topic I covered in a video wasn’t initially an issue. It was helpful. But then I would have blog posts and short-form videos that were very similar. Duplicate content is never great.

Eventually, I realized that I needed to have a strategy for the different types of content that would come from my short-form videos and my full blog posts. I use short-form videos to talk about something very specific. The full blog posts cover a broader and deeper discussion. I’m even experimenting with recording a longer video once per week that goes at the bottom of these full blog posts (here’s an example).

Previously, I’d write two or three blog posts per week. Now, I’m writing two blog posts, but also publishing these video posts (which include mini blog posts) every day.

The value of these short video posts has been huge, so I’m also inviting people to subscribe to daily alerts when they’re published. Otherwise, my newsletter subscribers may not have known about them. Adding these video posts to my website allows me to provide more value daily.

Long-term, this could have a major impact on my website strategy and traffic. We’re still in the beginning stages, so let’s see how it develops!