Use Conditional Logic to Improve Lead Quality

Here’s a way to improve your lead quality…

When you create your lead form, go to the Questions section. At the top are your custom questions and the message “lead filtering is now conditional logic.”

Conditional Logic

Meta loves to rebrand things to keep it interesting. Turn on Conditional Logic.


If you’re a real estate agent and you’re tired of other real estate agents filling out your form, here’s a potential solution.

1. Use multiple choice.

Conditional Logic

2. Question: Which best describes you?

3. Answers:

– I’m looking to buy a home
– I’m looking to sell my home
– I’m a real estate agent

Conditional Logic

For the logic, you can then send people looking to sell or buy a home to another question or submit the form. Maybe you want more info about where they live or what they’re looking to buy or sell.

Conditional Logic

For the real estate agent, you can have it automatically close the form and you won’t get their contact info.

Conditional Logic

You’re bound to get fewer leads from this approach, but the hope is they’ll be higher quality.

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