Use an AI ChatBot on Your Website

Here’s how I’m thinking about using AI for my business on my website…

Ever since the explosion of ChatGPT and AI tools, I’ve been thinking about how I can take advantage of it. It’s been a bit overwhelming because there are dozens of new and unproven tools every day.

Most businesses are thinking about how it can make them more efficient by automating some of the tasks they’re spending too much time on every day. But I’m looking at it a little differently.

How can I use AI to provide more value to people?

I’ve been thinking specifically about my website, which is a resource of Facebook advertising information. It’s the accumulation of more than 1,000 pages over 12 years, and it’s overwhelming.

What if I could add a chatbot that learns from my content so that visitors to my website could get immediate advice and recommendations? And this information is based on my content and philosophies.

I’ve only started experimenting with a couple of tools, and it really does blow me away. And this is just by giving it my ads FAQ, glossary, and About Me page.

What if I gave it all of my content? It also gives me ideas of cornerstone content that I could create about my philosophies that could be a foundation for the chatbot.

I’m super excited about the possibilities, but I’m still sorting out which app I should use. It’s so overwhelming because anyone can create an app, and it’s so hard to tell what is reputable and what isn’t.

Any ideas?