Updates to Meta Ads Bidding

Meta made updates to bidding

When you run a manual purchases campaign, you may now see this message: “Changes to the cost per result goal and ROAS goal bid strategies.”

Updates to Bidding

Here are the changes:

1. Updated the Cost Per Result Goal bid strategy to improve conversion volume.

You’d use the Cost Per Result Goal to control how much you spend per conversion. You’d enter a manual bid so that the Cost Per Result Goal is, for example, $20 per purchase.

Cost Per Result Goal

The problem is that it often results in spending less of your budget and other performance issues.

2. Updated the Return On Ad Spend goal bid strategy to increase overall value.

The Return on Ad Spend Goal bid strategy helps the algorithm understand your target ROAS when optimizing for purchase value (note that the default for Sales campaigns is VOLUME of conversions, but it can be changed to VALUE).

ROAS Goal Bid Strategy

So, you could set a ROAS goal of 2.50 and Meta will attempt to maintain that goal — and stop spending if it cannot. It’s not clear how Meta will increase the overall value, but it’s intriguing that this is an update.

These sound like useful updates! It may be time to test both of these again and see what kind of results you get.