Update Your Meta Ads Assumptions

If you’re a Facebook advertiser, challenge yourself to update your assumptions

It’s easy to get stuck in our ways. Over the years, we find what works and doesn’t work for us. It leads to rigid processes and assumptions that these things will remain the same.

But things change. Our assumptions need to change, too.

One example is broad targeting. I know it wasn’t long ago that I would have thought the idea of removing all targeting would have been insane. But broad targeting often works. I’ve needed to adjust.

The same goes for placements. Many advertisers would remove placements that they don’t think work. But the algorithm is super smart now. As long as you optimize for a conversion, it makes more sense to use all placements. You may otherwise spend less efficiently.

The problem is that if you’re stuck in your ways and assume that things stay the same, you’ll never adjust your approach to these things. You’ll eventually figure it out, but only after wasting lots of money.

Be open to adjusting your assumptions. Evolve!