Update to Recommended Budget Increases

This is an awesome update…

You may be familiar with Meta’s introduction of Opportunity Score. This is a way to gamify best practices and the implementation of recommendations.

Opportunity Score

But, something was missing.

The Problem

My latest Top Opportunity to improve my Opportunity Score is to increase my budget. Meta says I can scale my high-performing ad set to get a potential outcome of 29% more conversions.

Opportunity Score

I’ve seen this kind of recommendation a lot and I even recorded a video about it. The issue was that there was zero context that tells me how much to increase my budget.

Well, that has changed…

The Update

Now when I click to review budget, I see this message:

Consider adding $29.12 or more to your ad set budget to further scale your results. High-performing ad sets won’t reenter the learning phase.

Opportunity Score

And Meta shows me a potential percentage increase of leads by added budget at several levels.

Where did these projections come from? Per Meta: “This percentage is based on a machine learning model of data from real advertisers who took this recommendation.”

Opportunity Score

Will You Use This?

It will be interesting to see how accurate these projections are, but this is enormously helpful.

What do you think? Would you implement a budget increase based on these recommendations?