Two Nearly Identical Product Names?

Did Meta seriously give two products nearly the exact same name?

You probably know about Advantage Lookalike and Advantage Custom Audience. But if you add both a lookalike and custom audience to your targeting (while using certain types of optimization), you can turn on Advantage Audience.

All this means is that by turning on Advantage Audience, you turn on BOTH Advantage Lookalike and Advantage Custom Audience.

Well, this reminded me of something I saw in Meta’s recent update about new AI-powered ad tools. One new feature was Advantage+ Audience.

Advantage+ Audience isn’t truly an expansion of your audience. It’s not even a live feature right now, but it acts as a suggestion for your targeting. If you want to learn more about that, go back a few videos.

So, Advantage Audience and Advantage+ Audience. It’s subtle, but they truly do appear to be different.

And if they are different… WHY are we doing this??

Why does everything need the Advantage and Advantage+ branding? And what’s the difference between Advantage and Advantage+ generally anyway? Is Advantage+ somehow better?

It’s all so confusing. And annoying.