Three Metrics for Call Ads

You need to use these three metrics if you run call ads…

You can create ads to get people to call your business. A CTA button will initiate a call to the number you provide. You can also provide an option for the person to request a callback via Messenger.

The challenge with call ads is measurement. The default result will be Calls Placed since that’s your optimization event. But it’s helpful to know more.

There are three other metrics that you should follow for call ads. Add columns for the following:

1. 20-second calls
2. 60-second calls
3. Callback requests submitted

This still doesn’t solve what exactly happened on the call, but it at least helps provide a baseline for what happened. If you aren’t getting 20-second calls, that’s obviously very bad. If you have a high percentage of 60-second calls, you know that these people are interested enough to remain engaged.

It would be nice if Meta would include times beyond 60 seconds, but this is a start.

How are you tracking call ad performance?