There Will Always Be an Excuse

Whether you’re getting started with videos or taking some other important action, there will always be limitless reasons why YOU CAN’T.

At first, your microphone isn’t good enough. Then you get a microphone, and there are too many noisy distractions. The air conditioning or furnace keeps pumping on. Your kids keep running up and down the stairs.

And then the lighting isn’t ideal. You buy new lights, but you can’t get it perfect. The lighting setup is too complicated and you can’t get it right.

There isn’t a great place to record. Every room is noisy. Your kids won’t cooperate. And you feel silly recording in public.

Pick any of these reasons to stop you from creating today. It’s all unnecessary friction.

Stop it. Embrace the chaos.

Until you’re okay with all of these little imperfections, you will never get started. And even if you get started, you’ll be unable to retain that production if you’re always battling with these friction points.

I know because I’ve been there. All of these excuses described me.

What are your excuses?