The Performance Goal is Your Targeting

Those who have struggled most with changes to Meta advertising during the past few years underestimate the impact of the performance goal. There is so much focus on the lack of control around targeting that many miss what’s right in front of them.

Your initial targeting inputs have some impact. Your pixel data, conversion history, and prior engagement contribute to who sees your ads, too. But in most cases, this initial audience will be expanded. When that happens, it’s the performance goal that drives it.

That’s why nothing may matter more related to who sees your ads, especially in this new Advantage+ world. The performance goal is the central focus of ad delivery.

Read the definition of any performance goal to understand this.

Performance Goal

To maximize the number of conversions:

We’ll try to show your ads to the people most likely to take a specific action on your website.

There’s no easier way to define your potential audience. This is what’s directing the algorithm. It’s trying to get you more of that action that you want, which in this case is a conversion.

That’s why you shouldn’t get cute when picking a performance goal. Set it for the action that you want. If you set it for link clicks, a different group of people will see your ads — those who like to click.

Don’t overlook this important step. Even more than your targeting inputs, this is what determines who will see your ads. It helps the algorithm sort through your targeting inputs and everyone else beyond them when determining your audience.