Metric that Matters for Short-Form Videos

Here’s the metric that matters most for short-form videos…

It’s not views or likes or saves or comments. It’s not that these things don’t matter, but you can’t chase virality.

Going viral isn’t necessarily even helpful. You can create a video that appeals to a lot of people, goes viral, gets a ton of views and likes and comments, and results in a bunch of new followers.

That stuff is all nice for your ego. Your number of followers and views matters to a point. But they shouldn’t robotically direct your creation and evaluation either.

The most important metric that you can monitor on a daily basis: The number of published videos.

That’s it.

If the last video didn’t gain traction, you publish another one. If that published video got views, you… publish another one. Don’t get too high on the metrics you get or too low on the metrics you don’t.

Creating videos can be a grind. If you have a physical need for views and virality as validation, you’re never going to be happy.

Keep creating and learning from each video. That lesson could be influenced by metrics to a point, but it’s also influenced by feedback and how that video can make your next one better.

Make videos that help your target audience rather than catering to a metric. The rest will come.