The Importance of Industry

Don’t ignore the industry when taking on new ad clients.

I understand that it’s easy to become a generalist. You need the business, so you take on all types. E-comm, plumbers, business coaches, lawyers, roofers, restaurants, whatever.

There are two considerations here…

First, the industry will impact your ability to get results. Meta ads are ideal for e-comm. But some industries are difficult to promote with Meta ads at all. You could run into special ad categories or a situation where you can only promote the product in certain circumstances.

Know that when you set expectations. The client’s industry can set you up for failure or success.

Second, it’s ideal if you can specialize in an industry. This gives you repeated experience with similar clients which helps you become an expert in that industry. You’re more likely to be known for a niche if you specialize rather than generalizing with all types of clients. And you’re more likely to get results.

The industry is one of the six priorities I wrote about when picking an ads client. Read it here.