The Impact of Short-Form Video

The impact of short-form video is huge…

You may know the story of my journey during the past year, but it’s worth repeating. I will scream it if I have to.

Just over a year ago, I committed to short-form video because my business needed a jump-start. I had been doing many of the same things for a decade that no longer worked as well as they once did. It was a true make-or-break moment.

I recorded more than 500 videos since the day I started in late 2022, and I’m reminded on a near-daily basis of the impact. Whether I’m conducting a one-on-one session or meeting a new member of my paid community, they often tell me they’re there because of the videos.

They feel like they know me.

This was becoming a trend, so I started adding a quick survey that followed the purchase of my membership asking what led them to me. The most popular reason is my videos.

I’m also getting far more opportunities than I was a year ago. Whether it’s invitations to be a podcast guest or public speaking engagements or requests to work with me or partner with me, I wasn’t getting nearly as many of those requests a year ago. My inbox is much noisier than it once was, and that’s a good thing.

It’s because of the videos.

If you’ve considered committing to short-form video in 2024, I can’t recommend it enough. I know the prospect of everything you need to do is overwhelming. Yes, it’s a lot of hard work. But it’s worth it.