The Byproduct of Having an AI Chatbot

This is the amazing byproduct of having an AI chatbot. In order to make it as valuable as possible, you’ll improve your website in the process…

I’ve been testing a chatbot for the past few weeks. My goal is for it to be an extension of me and my content. So I trained it on close to 150 pages of my website.

But something really interesting has happened…

When the bot refers to something I said that is no longer true, I’m motivated to update it. When it seems clueless about how to respond to something, I create content to train it on.

I’ve written nine different pages related to my advertising philosophy to help the bot understand how I look at ads. I’ve written pages like “Where to Start” because this is a popular question people are asking.

In the past, I simply accepted that things get outdated quickly. That’s just the nature of Facebook ads-related content.

But now, it drives me crazy when the bot says something that is no longer true. I want to immediately correct it, update it, and retrain it.

Looking through questions people have asked the bot has helped me see pain points I haven’t addressed before, and opportunities to provide more clarity on certain topics.

In the process of creating content to improve the performance of my bot, I’m improving my website. It’s honestly kind of cool!