The Best Settings for Captions

Here’s how I create my captions…

I use CapCut, which is a free app. You can use either the mobile or desktop apps, but I use desktop because I feel like it’s easier to use. CapCut has an auto-captions feature that I find to be super accurate.

If you want your captions to look like mine, you’ll need to add a font called TheBoldFont. I got it from

Here are the settings that I use…

Font Size: 15
Stroke Thickness: 36
Shadow Opacity: 100%
Shadow Bluriness: 65%
Shadow Distance: 20
Shadow Angle: 43 degrees

After that, I do a lot of stuff that you really don’t need to do.

I will highlight individual words that I want to emphasize and change the color, usually to what I have as my background color for that video.

I also can be kind of weird about my captions, and I don’t really like when captions go beyond two lines (except for the intro screen). If the auto-captions push to three or four lines at a time, I’ll break that up.

The process tends to take me about 10 minutes. But if you don’t micromanage it the way I do, it could easily take about a minute.