68% of Monthly Facebook Users

This is the most surprising report related to user engagement on the Facebook platform…

In Meta’s 1Q earnings report for 2023, a good number to look at for health of the platform is Daily Active Users vs. Monthly Active Users. This helps us look beyond whether there was simply growth from quarter to quarter. Are users active and returning on a regular basis?

Well, this number has been stuck at 66 and 67% dating back to 2016. It seemed as though it had peaked and would never exceed that number.

But, it hit 68% for the first time this year. That’s impressive, not only for a mature platform but for one that people love to say is dying or on the decline.

No one wants to admit it. And this engagement may not be because of your activity. But Facebook is more active than ever. How is that possible?

In all likelihood, it’s due to two recent developments:

1. Reels. Meta made a huge push towards short-form video, and we all know that it’s a format that keeps people around if done correctly.

2. AI-Recommended Content. Users are seeing more and more content from outside of their social circles, with AI starting to better learn how to surface stuff we wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

Facebook is like a utility now. Everyone hates it or says they hate it. I don’t use it from a personal standpoint the way I once did, and I certainly don’t find the joy in the platform that I did 10 years ago.

But anecdotal evidence like that is worthless. It doesn’t matter what you or I are doing. More people are using Facebook than a year ago and more people are returning on a regular basis than ever before.

I’m sure that will get plenty of scrutiny, but it’s where we are. What are we going to do with that information?