Subscription vs. Ad Data Prompt

It’s happening…

Facebook users in the EU are starting to get this prompt. These screens were shared with me by a reader.

Meta Ad-Free Subscription Prompt

Meta is clear about what this is:

Make a choice about your ads. As part of changing laws in your region, you can now choose to continue using Meta products for free by allowing us to use your info for ads. Or, you can subscribe to use them without ads.

Subscribe for 12.99 per month and your info won’t be used for ads. Use for free with ads and you can discover products and brands through personalized ads. In that case, “Your info will be used for ads.”

Ad-Free Subscription Flow

You then need to agree to allow Meta to use your info.

Ad-Free Subscription Flow

To put simply, you have two options:

1. Use Facebook and Instagram for free, but you will see ads and your data will be used for ad targeting.
2. Pay to subscribe for an ad-free Facebook or Instagram and your data won’t be used.

If you pay for the subscription, an important line: “Your ability to advertise and monetize with ads will be limited.” I assume this is for creators who monetize their content with ads, but I don’t have access to that Learn More link.

Ad-Free Subscription Flow

We just heard a rumor last week that Meta’s in danger of getting personalized ads banned in Europe. Meta clearly thinks this subscription option solves their obligations.

Follow this closely!