Stop Saying the Word “So”

So… This is a silly little thing, but it’s something to consider when recording your videos.

I often force myself to start a sentence with the word “so” or “but” while recording a video with the intent of being more natural and conversational. The problem is when you start editing.

Recently, I recorded a video where I started a sentence with the word “so” eight times. While recording, it wasn’t noticeable. But many of the most important sentences started that way. I edited out many of the sentences that didn’t.

So… Now I have all of these sentences that start with “so” that are important, but they don’t flow together. And I couldn’t edit out that “so” because it flowed into my point.

The result was a video that sounded unnatural. And that kinda defeated the whole point.

So… The lesson I’ve learned is that it’s still okay to start a sentence with “so” or “but” when recording. Just be conscious to include a brief pause before getting to your main point. This way, you can edit it out if you need to.

I know. Super silly little thing. But it’s something that I’m now conscious of when I record, and it makes the editing process a lot easier!