Stop Blaming the System

Stop blaming the system when your Facebook ads aren’t working…

I’ll often hear people say that Facebook ads don’t work. Well, no. They don’t work for you. The way you’re using them. But they could work for you.

It’s not that Facebook ads always work either. They aren’t some magical switch that will make you rich.

But you still need to know what you’re doing. And you should understand why they aren’t working for you.

There are several factors that could make success with ads less likely. It could be a challenging industry, a bad product, or a poorly functioning website (or a long list of other factors).

Some of these things are likely outside of your control. It doesn’t mean that successful ads are impossible. But you may need to adjust your expectations.

You may need to make some painful changes first that will help your ads perform better. It may mean increasing your budget, investing in a better website, hiring someone to add the pixel and events to your site, or addressing whether your product is the problem.

There are specific reasons why your ads aren’t working. Isolate the roadblocks that prevent your success and address them if you can.

Take some responsibility. Ads can work for you, but you need to put in some work.