Speaking at Social Media Marketing World

What are you doing in February?

I’m excited to share that I’m returning to the speaking stage for the first time in four years. I’ll be speaking at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego (affiliate link), which is February 18 to 20.

The last time I spoke was at that same conference, and I had spoken there seven years in a row. It was one of my favorite times of the year.

Social Media Marketing World

Lots of stuff happened since 2020 (which is an understatement), but surely one of the reasons I haven’t spoken since was that my profile fell off. I hadn’t been nearly as visible from 2020 to 2022.

That was largely due to my inability to evolve, which was also negatively impacting my business.

Being able to get on that stage again is validation that all of my hard work during the past year is paying off. I’ve seen over and over again how my short-form videos, in particular, are leading to new opportunities.

It’s exciting for me. Public speaking is something that doesn’t come naturally to me, by any stretch of the imagination. It originally terrified me. But I do miss it.

I miss the rush of that moment, and meeting so many people I’ve connected with virtually over the years. I’ve lacked opportunities to make real-world connections with people since that last conference.

If you attend Social Media Marketing World this year, make sure to attend my session and grab me to say hi. I’ll be talking about the evolution of AI-powered optimization and targeting with Meta advertising.

Give me a shout if you’ll be there!