How to Use Advantage+ Placements

Should you use Advantage+ Placements or should you manually select the placements that work best?

When you create your ad set, Advantage+ Placements is on by default. This makes all placements available for your ads.

I know some advertisers will manually turn off placements to focus on those that perform the best. For example, they’ll use only Feed placements. This makes sense, in theory.

Here’s what I recommend…

If you’re optimizing for any type of conversion, leave Advantage+ Placements on. Meta’s only goal is to get you the most conversions as efficiently as possible in that case. Turning off placements may make that more difficult — or more expensive.

The primary reason to turn off placements is low-quality actions. The algorithm doesn’t know what a low-quality click is, for example. If you optimize for link clicks, the algorithm will find lots of link clicks. One way it’ll do this is with Audience Network, which will give you accidental clicks and other garbage.

Why not turn off Audience Network when optimizing for conversions? Because if conversions don’t come from Audience Network, the algorithm will adjust.

I’ve found that almost none of my budget is spent within Audience Network when optimizing for conversions. But the majority of it may be spent there if optimizing for link clicks or landing page views. And that won’t be a good thing.

Overall, don’t overthink it, especially when optimizing for conversions. Leave Advantage+ Placements on. But watch out for weaknesses in the algorithm if you use any other type of optimization.

What do you do?