Should You Turn on CBO?

Should you turn on Campaign Budget Optimization?

Yeah, I know Meta wants us to call it Advantage Campaign Budget, but we all know it as CBO.

Most advertisers have been slow to embrace CBO, probably because it was initially forced on us. Remember when it was introduced and the plan was to make it default? Luckily, Meta backed off.

But, maybe you should use it…

Campaign Budget Optimization allows you to distribute a campaign budget optimally between your ad sets. So instead of using budgets at the ad set level, you set it in the campaign.

Meta says it can help you spend your budget more efficiently, and there’s reason to believe this could be beneficial.

Here’s when you should consider CBO…

1. If you are running multiple ad sets in the same campaign (obviously).

2. You’re using the same optimization event and bidding strategy for each ad set and the audience sizes are about the same.

In that case, yeah, you should try out CBO. That way it’s not restricted by your ad set budget. Meta could spend more on what’s working and less on what’s not instead of forcing the algorithm to spend what you want it to spend on each ad set.

A prime example might be when you have multiple ad sets for different groups of countries or states.

Do you use CBO?