Should You Be on Every Platform?

Should you be everywhere? I used to agree that you should focus on one or two platforms. My opinion changed with short-form videos.

For years, I dedicated almost all of my social media energy to Facebook. I felt like doing otherwise would spread myself too thin. And I also felt that I’d need to create completely different content for other platforms, or it wouldn’t work — or may upset those who follow me in multiple places.

While there are threads of truth to this, I think it’s changed quite a bit due to short-form video. The reason is that the format is almost exactly the same for many of the platforms.

The potential audience may be different. But that doesn’t mean your target audience has changed. I don’t think it’s necessary to change my content for each platform.

Would it be ideal to create unique content for each platform? Sure. But then we’re back to spreading ourselves too thin. The other option is hiring a specialist for each platform. Most small businesses won’t do that.

So the option then becomes focus on one or two platforms or publish the same content to many. I’ve chosen the latter. And it works.

I could have felt that this wasn’t good enough and remained focused on a couple. Instead, I’ve built my TikTok audience from nothing to nearly 12,000 people in a very short period of time. My audience on Facebook is much more engaged. I barely used Instagram before, and now it’s grown to over 6,000 people.

This is while doing very little other than publishing the same file to multiple places. You have to make some decisions on priorities after that. But I don’t regret this one bit.

How about you?