Short-Form Videos on LinkedIn?

I started sharing a short-form video on LinkedIn nearly every day starting on November 6. Here’s what happened…

First, a quick explanation. I started creating short-form videos for TikTok, then Facebook and Instagram Reels, and then YouTube Shorts in October. The next frontier was LinkedIn.

Of course, LinkedIn isn’t really a short-form video platform. In fact, the preferred video format is square. But, I’d throw it into the mix anyway.

Until then, I had begun to get active on LinkedIn during the prior year. I was a semi-regular, though I certainly wasn’t posting every day.

But once I started this experiment, I would share a 9 x 16 video there nearly every day (actually every day beginning in 2023). While I still post other occasional content there, the videos have mostly taken over my strategy.

So, would sharing short-form video content to a platform that isn’t really for short-form videos have a positive impact? And would it matter that this was the same content that I was publishing to at least four other platforms (sometimes seven platforms in all)?

Well, my impressions showed a clear improvement once I started, as did my engagement. And while my follower growth didn’t immediately show that same improvement, that changed in January. My followers are now growing more steadily than they had in the months of 2022 prior to posting short-form videos.

Admittedly, part of the impact can be attributed to simply posting every day. The type of content isn’t necessarily the reason for this improvement. But at the same time, posting short-form videos to LinkedIn isn’t a drawback either.

I should also point out that I make sure to share these videos slightly differently on LinkedIn and YouTube than I do on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Here, I include far more commentary (like I’m doing now) with the video.

You can see a full analysis of my impact with short-form videos on five different platforms here.

What do you think about sharing short-form videos on LinkedIn?