Short-Form Video Posting Frequency

How often should you publish a new video on TikTok and Reels?

This is one of those things that creators constantly debate. Everyone’s looking for that sweet spot that will help them go viral, reach the most people, and build their audience.

I’ve heard some people suggest that three to five times per day is ideal, but that’s just not realistic for me. I don’t know about you.

But beyond that, do not let quality and polish be the reasons you don’t publish today. In other words, you shouldn’t run out of time.

You can create high-value videos without spending a ridiculous amount of time on them. It is possible to provide value without polish.

My recommendation is to publish at least one video per day. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve committed to at least one video every day of 2023.

By doing this, I expect to post a video every day. I make it a priority, so I will always make time for it. And sometimes, I’ll create a quick video if I lack the time. But I’ll always make sure to create one.

When in doubt, volume does matter, especially on TikTok.