Set A Default Beneficiary and Payer

You can set a default Beneficiary and Payer

New rules in the European Union require you to indicate who benefits and who is paying for your ad when targeting people in specific countries in Europe. This is done in the ad set.

Meta has now provided a control within your Ad Account Settings to set a default. At the bottom of your Ad Account Settings, you should see a box for this. You can provide a default Beneficiary and Payer, assuming they are different.

This won’t change the Beneficiary and Payer settings you provided in existing ad sets. When you create a new ad set where a Beneficiary and Payer are required, your default will be used. But you will be able to edit it.

This just makes it a little bit easier, eliminating that extra step in the future if your Beneficiary and Payer will usually be the same.