Secret to Success for Content Creators

This is the secret to success for content creators. It does not matter what type of content we’re talking about.

It could be a blog, videos, a podcast, or your social media account. The one thing that separates those who make it from those who don’t is super simple.

Stubborn consistency. They do not quit.

I know, it sounds too simple, but almost everyone’s a quitter. It’s super easy to lose motivation when you aren’t getting results.

It’s those people who believe in what they’re doing, who know it’s going to be hard, and who realize it’s a long-term strategy who are most likely to succeed with this stuff.

Yeah, I was stubbornly consistent with my blog. I wrote about 600 blog posts those first two years. I’ve had more than 30 Million page views largely due to my stubborn consistency.

But I’ve also quit on things before. And my website saw dips because I saw lags in that consistency.

Right now, I am trying to replicate this stubborn consistency with video creation. I’ve created more than 270 videos so far. The results are slow and sometimes frustrating (sometimes more frustrating, depending on the platform). But I know it’s a long-term commitment.

What are you stubbornly consistent at?