Scripting Short-Form Videos

I don’t read from a script because that would be super unnatural and uncomfortable…

But I do write out a video script.

When I first started, I just hit record and started talking. I had a general idea of what I’d talk about, but it wasn’t scripted.

That led to a more conversational tone, but it was easy to lose focus. And editing became a much bigger challenge.

These days, I script out my videos. I type out each line in my Notes app. The lines aren’t always complete sentences, but instead sentence fragments. The goal is that each line is no more than four seconds.

I look at the line… look at the camera… and say my line.

I’m conscious of my tone at the beginning and end of a line, depending on where I am in the sentence. I know I’ll be splicing it together later.

I’m not technically reading from a script, but it’s also not completely spontaneous either. This gives me more control over the message and makes the editing process a whole lot easier later.

Just a little behind the scenes!