Schedule Individual Ads

You can schedule individual ads now.

When creating an Advantage+ Shopping Campaign, you can choose to select a different schedule at the ad level. For the past several years, all schedules were created in the ad set.

So now, you can set different start and end dates for each ad. There will still be an ad set schedule.

You can then add a column in your reporting for Ad Schedule so you can see when each ad is running.

Something I’m not sure of is if you can set an ad schedule that starts before the ad set. It doesn’t make sense that this would be possible, but right now you can create it this way (in draft, at least.) My guess is this is an oversight,
and Meta will need to prevent you from establishing an ad schedule that starts before your ad set.

This is unique to Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns for now. It makes sense why this would be needed in that case since you otherwise wouldn’t create multiple ad sets in such a campaign.

Is this something you’ll use?