Same Video Across Platforms

How does the exact same video perform across TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Reels?

I edit all of my videos externally. I then publish that video across all of these platforms (as well as YouTube Shorts and LinkedIn). There are no differences in the video on the first three platforms.

I find it fascinating how unpredictable each platform is in terms of performance (I highlight Plays here, but it goes beyond that, of course). A video will bomb on one platform and do great on another. And it’s inconsistent.

Of course, there are plenty of factors at play here. My Facebook page was created well over a decade ago. The audience size may suggest better performance than the other two. While it’s certainly more consistent, that is not always the case.

TikTok is brand new for me starting last October, but my audience has actually outpaced Instagram (which I wasn’t really using until that point). While I’ve had much better results with TikTok lately, I’d probably give you a different answer a month ago.

I know some people will say that you should treat each platform differently, but that’s not always realistic. And these results underscore why it may not be a good idea to only focus on one while missing opportunities elsewhere.

If you’re wondering, the difference in my LinkedIn videos is this commentary. I keep it to one-liners on the other platforms.

What results are you seeing?