Republish Short-Form Videos

You should republish underperforming videos. Here’s an example…

Recently, I published a video that did surprisingly little on TikTok and Instagram Reels. A normal video has a few hundred views within a few hours. This video had close to 0 views on both platforms.

Around four hours later, I republished the video to both places. A day later, the republished versions have views that I tend to expect: More than 1300 on TikTok and over 850 on Instagram.

It was back to normal. There was nothing wrong with the original videos. They just didn’t get any views, for whatever reason.

We often hear about algorithmic preferences for unique content, especially from Meta. But that clearly didn’t impact the performance of the republished versions here.

I should also note that I scheduled both videos the way I always do: From the TikTok website and from Meta Business Suite, both on desktop. I didn’t use third-party apps to schedule them.

The Instagram performance was most out of character, especially since it didn’t even get a single view for several hours. But the TikTok performance is something I’ve seen more of recently from these scheduled videos. But when I republish, I usually get better performance the second time around.

Is scheduling these videos impacting performance? Or is it just a coincidence? It’s something I’m keeping an eye on.

But the bottom line is that you shouldn’t be afraid of republishing your videos, especially to TikTok and Instagram.

What do you think?