Reminders Ads for Instagram Placements

There’s a new optimization option in Ads Manager for Reminders Ads using Instagram placements…

Using the Engagement objective, select “On Your Ad” as the conversion location.

On Your Ad Conversion Location

Click the Engagement Type dropdown menu and select “Reminders Set.”

Reminders Set Engagement Type

The performance goal will be “Maximize reminders set” and it cannot be changed.

Maximize Reminders Set

The only placements that will apply to Reminders are Instagram feed, Instagram profile feed, and Instagram Stories. Why? Reminders is an Instagram feature.

Reminders Ads Placements

When you create your ad, the call to action will be “Remind Me.”

Remind Me Call to Action

Enter your Event Name and select both an event date and time.

Reminders Ads Event Details

Reminders are for online or offline events. We aren’t creating the event itself, but merely providing a way for people to get reminders about that event. It could be a product launch, Instagram Live, or store sale. This could be good for Black Friday sales.

You’ll need to provide details in the ad about what the event actually is that they are getting reminded about.

If you have a strong Instagram presence, this is something to try out. Let me know what you think!