Reels Ads Updates

Reels ads are getting some updates!

Just in time for the holidays, Meta announced the following changes…

1. Collections Ads for Reels feature one large video or image and a row of square images at the bottom to promote related products.

2. Multi-destination Reels carousel ads allow you to create a Reels carousel that sends people to multiple product pages.

3. Swipe-left functionality allows people to swipe left to open the CTA link to your product page.

4. Enhancements to Advantage+ Creative for Reels ads include…

– Creative optimizations, like converting media to 9:16 aspect ratio (which sounds like Image Expansion)

– 3D motion and depth

– Aspect Ratio Variance

– Image and video enhancements like filters to sharpen color and improve video resolution.

5. Music. All advertisers on Facebook and Instagram can now select and add music tracks to their single image Reels ads.

If you don’t have these features yet, you will soon.